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Operator Training


Training Quote 

American Eagle Lift Truck Service is committed to safety in the workplace. Each year the improper use of forklifts and other lifting equipment causes injury and even loss of life to employees. Certified forklift operator training can potentially save businesses thousands of dollars each year.

We offer a dedicated training here at our facility for companies and individuals or classes can be held at your business facility on a company basis with a minimum of 5 operators.

Forklift instruction takes approximately 4 hours for classes up to 10 people.


What’s Included

Training consists of an instruction video with visual aids and discussion. A test will be administered at this time. Students are required to make 80% or better to pass the test. The last hour consists of a pre-shift inspection walk around and a documented observation of each student operating the equipment through the course. Our operator safety training programs include.

  • OSHA regulations 
  • Truck specifications 
  • Warnings and precautions 
  • Controls and instrumentation 
  • Capacity and stability 
  • Steering and maneuvering 
  • Operating limitations 
  • Accessories 
  • Surface conditions 
  • Load conditions 
  • Load compositions 
  • Material handling 
  • Common accidents 
  • Truck inspections 
  • Pedestrian traffic 
  • Hazards and classifications 
  • Ramps and slopes 
  • Personal protection 

Following the written course, the tests will be graded and driver license quality operator ID cards will be issued.

The certification is good for 3 years or the operator must be re-certified if they have an accident or near miss.  For any questions about this program, please contact us 270-629-4444

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